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What's up you guys? It's been a long time (like 6 days? haha) since we discussed something here on my blog. Do you know what's bugging me right now? It's the job discrimination on teens online. Nobody's trusting a 17 year-old junior college student like me to do some social media jobs for them. Can you just test me or interview me first before treating me that way? But I believe that God has a perfect plan and timing for that part-time job online to meet me. And that's why I decided to lie low a little bit on job searching and just focus first on my current clients, school and especially having a Bible devotion everyday. I am so blessed that all of my examinations and activities that I've faced this month are conquered easily and quickly by the help of my prayer to God.

p.s. This is not sponsored by B'lue. I wish? haha. It's that, I just can't find photos for this month because sadly, I didn't take that much photo from my digital camera. Ciao!

This August, there are plenty of things that I've accomplished that contributed to my blog and to my life:
  1. I've successfully posted helpful information in my blog that made me happy because according to Google Analytics, some people read my blog and even though they're just small in number I love how it helped them in a way.
  2. I've successfully produced 20 more interesting topics about blogging, social media, business and life that I will surely post here on my blog. It's so fun to know how will people benefit from these.
  3. My friends and I did some cafe hopping this month and it was so fun. At the same time it's hurting my wallet so bad. haha
  4. I've watched The Encounter (a Christian movie that shows that whatever we may do, Christ is always there to love us and to save us but we just have a chance to grab that salvation). It's a must-watch movie.
  5. I haven't missed a single day of not doing my Bible Reading and Devotion sessions. Yayy!

  • Publish long and valuable content once a week.
  • Close my first Blog Consulting Service Deal with a client.
  • Get a flexible online job and earn at least $1,000.
  • Drive more traffic and engagement to blog.

  • Close my first Blog Consulting Service Deal with a client
  • Get a Social Media Job online
  • Reach 2,000 followers on Pinterest
  • Reach 1,000 followers on Twitter
  • Reach 500 followers on Instagram
And we're done again with my second Frapp Break. I just want to thank you guys for supporting my blog <3. And it's your turn. What are the updates on your blog this month? Share it with us!

God Bless,
Jan Limark

Another p.s. If you didn't read my latest post here on the blog, you can read it here.


    Hola! How's your month going? August is ending soon. What are your plans for your month ender? I've researched and compiled some reasons why every blogs and businesses should hire professional graphic designers. Enjoy!

    A successful blog runs on many things – consistent quality content, social media presence, maintenance of a fresh, relevant relationship to the readers, etc. But across these different aspects of keeping a blog, there is the same foundation which makes you communicate best to your audience: visuals and graphics. Pleasing, professional and creative visuals and graphics. 

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    What's up you guys? How's your week going? School has been so busy; writing visual aids, transcribing sentences using IPA and other linguist stuff. Those stress factors gave me creeps and I just want to share to you how I overcome stress every single day. Enjoy!

    It might be the morning traffic and the sun beating down on you as you rush to school or work, or it might be the piles and piles of undone paperwork on your desk. Sometimes, it’s your never-ending to-do list for the day, and sometimes it’s an overly demanding boss or professor who intimidates you a lot. You see, stress is everywhere in our lives. However, our reaction to these stressors is the key factor if we are stressed out ourselves or not. Believe it or not, the level of stress we let into our day to day living is within our control – we can let them rule our lives or we can beat them. Read on for ways to overcome stress and let’s win at life by battling them out.